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Karunamaya Goswami regularly contributes to English and Bengali Dailies in Dhaka and to literary and research journals at home and abroad. He contributed the article on the history of Bengali Music under the title ‘West Bengal and Bangladesh’ in the Garland Encyclopaedia of World Music, Taylor & Francis, Inc. New York, 1999 and the entry on the history of Bengali Music, Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians Second, Groves-McMillan, London, 2000. Karunamaya contributed the article on the history of Bengali songs in the Bangladesh history series Published by Bangladesh Asiatic Society, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He contributed entries on music in the Encyclopedias published by Bangla Academy (Bangladesh national academy of research and publications) and Shishu Academy (Bangladesh national academy for promoting cultural and literary activities for children).  


Karunamaya Goswami took part in Bangladesh Festival in India as a member of the official delegation and gave key-note address in the Festival’s inaugural seminar in 1993.Visited as the Chief of the Bangladesh Govt. Delegation the research organizations and universities in India and Pakistan to asses the state of Nazrul research and that of teaching of writings of Nazrul in 1995. In Islamabad Dr.Goswami identified nineteen and a half Nazrul song-texts in an exercise book in possession of a sister-in-law of the poet. These songs were later published from Nazrul Institute, Dhaka. In the light of his travel and visit Dr. Goswami prepared a concept-paper to bolster Nazrul Studies throughout the sub-continent and submitted it to the concerned authority. 

In 1999 Karunamaya joined the North America Nazrul (National Poet of Bangladesh) Birth Centenary Celebrations  as the Chief Guest. He took part in several seminars organized as a part of the celebration as the principal speaker and led some workshops. in 1999 North America Bengali Association gave him a reception in New York, Usa. 

In 2002 Dr. Goswami was invited by Indian Council for Cultural Relations as a Distinguished Visitor. He accepted the invitation and as a part of the programme visited universities and research organizations all across India. While visiting and speaking in Banaras Hindu University, Karunamaya came across the huge Ragamala Painting collection in the Hindu University’s own museum, Bharat Kalabhaban, the subject he had been taking interest since long. As he came back home he collected some Ragamala replicas to add to his own possession. He decided to organize a Ragamala festival which he successfully held after a couple of months with the assistance from of the cultural division of the High Commission of India in Dhaka. The festival was the first ever such event to be held in Dhaka. Sixty two Ragamala paintings were exhibited and the vocal ragamala rendering was given by a noted Agra Gharana exponent, Kalpana Bhattacharya from Kolkata, India. Dr. Goswami delivered the key note lecture on the history of Ragamala paintings which were the visual representation of the varying note organizations or note-cluster organizations on a scale.

In 2007 Karunamaya Goswami took part in an international seminar in Kolkata on Electronic Media and Culture organized by Rabindra Bharati University.

In 2008 he came to Toronto, Canada and took part in some important cultural events organized by the Canadian Bengali organizations. In 2009 Karunamaya Goswami visited Montreal, Canada to take part in some cultural events and the reception accorded to him by the Montreal Bengali community. For the next 3 years Karunamaya Goswami came to Toronto on summer visits and participated in important Bengali cultural events organized there by Udichi Canada and other cultural organizations.

In 2014 Dr. Goswami was invited by the Columbia university, New York to take part in the university’s annual South Asia lecture held in faculty hall of Columbia University on October 27, 2014 as the keynote speaker. His topic was Rabindranath Tagore: His influence on the growth of secular culture in Bangladesh. It was the 50th such annual lecture. The seminar being initiated in 1964.He delivered Nazrul endowment lecture 2014 at California State University, Northridge, USA on November 4, 2014 and his topic was Kazi Nazrul Islam: His relevance to the world today. Dr. Goswami delivered a lecture on the question of modern cultural-spiritual consciousness:Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Chinmoy at Barnerd Hall Columbia University, NY, USA on December 8, 2014.

In 2015 the Publication ceremony of his first novel, Bharat Bhager Ashrukona was held in Toronto organized by Deshi Television. It was a well recognized and largely attended event. 

Karunamaya Goswami was invited by the Chinmoy Center, New York in 2016 to deliver a lecture on Sri Chinmoy’s Philosophy of peace. In 2016 Karunamaya Goswami was again invited by the Chinmoy Center, New York to deliver a talk on Sri Chinmoy’s Concept of Attaining Peace through Meditation. The Talk was developed later into a full scale article and published as the introduction to Sri Chinmoy’s first anthology of poems, The Garden of Love Light. Anandadhwani, New York organized a citizens’ reception for Dr. Goswami to acknowledge his unique position as a Tagore-Nazrul scholar in 2016.Karunamaya Goswami was given a reception by the Ontario Bengali Cultural Association in 2016. In 2016 he also attended North America Annual Nazrul Conference as a keynote speaker which was held in Toronto, Canada. 


Dr. Goswami has received many awards and attended many receptions at home and abroad. Notably he was given Nazrul Memorial Gold Medal and award 1987 by Nazrul Institute (Bangladesh National Institute for Nazrul Studies) for commendable Nazrul research. Dr. Karunamaya Goswami received the highest National Award for Research, Bangla Academy Award on February 28, 2009. Dr. Goswami was awarded the highest civilian award, Ekushe Padak 2012 for his lifelong contributions to music research on February 20, 2012. Recently Dr. Karunamaya Goswami received Tagore award 2013 given by Bangala Academy on May 8th, 2013. Tagore award is the highest Bangladesh national award for Tagore research.

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