Dr. Karunamaya Goswami

Awards and Receptions?


Dr. Goswami has received many awards and attended many receptions at home and abroad. Notably he was given Nazrul Memorial Gold Medal and award 1987 by Nazrul Institute (Bangladesh National Institute for Nazrul Studies) for commendable Nazrul research. Dr. Karunamaya Goswami received the highest National Award for Research, Bangla Academy Award on February 28, 2009. Dr. Goswami was awarded the highest civilian award, Ekushe Padak 2012 for his life long contributions to music research on February 20, 2012. Recently Dr. Karunamaya Goswami received Tagore award 2013 given by Bangala Academy on May 8th, 2013. Tagore award is the highest Bangladesh national award for Tagore research.

Video clip of the Ekushe Padak 2012 award ceremony:


Last Updated: February 21, 2012

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