Dr. Karunamaya Goswami

Karunamaya Goswami retired in 2001 from government general education service as professor of English and principal. He taught music part-time in the department of Theater and Music, University of Dhaka of Bangladesh. He worked as visiting professor of national cultural heritage at University of Information Technology and Science (UITS), Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was a visiting professor of Music at University of Alternative Development (UODA), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently Dr. Goswami is working as a principal, Cambrian College, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Karunamaya Goswami is a former member of the Board of Trustee, Nazrul Institute (Bangladesh National Institute for Nazrul Studies), former member of Academic Council, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, National University, Bangladesh and former President and currently member Sudhijon Pathagar, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Dr. Goswami is the life member of Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Last Updated: June 1, 2009
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